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All Boxed Up


With the millions of options for storage and the astronomical costs, here at DMO we are always in pursuit of more economical options for storage solutions. Today we have a fun and easy project to contain your unruly wrapping paper using a recycled box.

What you will need:

  • Slender box (we used a 32” TV Box)
  • Knife or blade
  • Scissors
  • Straight Edge
  • Packing tape (optional)
  • Contact Paper (enough to cover the portion of the box you be using, we needed two 17 in X 1.8 yard rolls)

20160610_210743 20160610_210914


  1. Measure your box to the height you need on all four sides (you can also put your box on a level surface and use a level to make your line rather than measuring and marking on all sides)
  2. Use your straight edge and knife to cut the unneeded portion of the box off
  3. Ensure all remaining sides are taped securely if necessary
  4. Place the first layer of contact paper so that it overlaps the opening of the box by about 5 inches
  5. Cut straight down in each corner of the contact paper so that you can wrap the paper into the interior of the box
  6. If your box is large enough (or contact paper thin enough) to need a second wrap, then overlap the paper, keeping in mind matching pattern lines, so that the paper hangs off the bottom just over half the skinny width of your box (like you would when wrapping a present)
  7. Then, just like in step 5, cut the overlap in each corner to fold over the bottom of the box (starting with the slim edges)

Your final product will be able to hold many rolls of wrapping paper and will look good doing it.


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**In no means is this a review or endorsement of above mentioned products, they are merely suggestions of potential solutions. It is always best to do research in regards to the quality and standards of products, reading through reviews of others who have purchased the items as well as fully understanding the products limitations and warrantee information.


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