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Out of the Covers

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Do you have that perfect scrapbook page that is simply too good to hide away in a book? Well there are ways to pull that page out of between those covers and let it shine for the world to see. Here are some ideas.

Scrapbook Page Wall Art

Retailers sell frames that are specifically made to hold 12” x 12” scrapbooking pages for those better-than-a-book projects (there are also frames for your less common scrapbook page sizes, you just have to dig a little bit more). Some of the frames are meant to only hold paper, while others are set in a bit, more like a shadow box, to ensure that keepsakes don’t get damaged. Find a frame that does one of two things, either directly compliments the page you intend to insert, or compliments the furniture or current frames of the room in which you intend to hang it. Choosing a light colored frame with a dark page or dark color frame with a light page will help it pop.

Shadow Box Conversation Pieces

Shadow boxes used on coffee tables, as center pieces or hanging on a wall are great ways to show off your creation. Many shadow boxes are deep enough to add large items to compliment the page, such as seashells for the page of your family’s trip to the beach, a folded American flag for that page honoring a loved one’s service or metals, ribbons or awards won by your child graduating college. Choose a shadowbox that is right for the application. If your shadow box may be picked up and moved around then you will want some way to affix the items in it; many shadow boxes are backed with a cork like material of which you can pin down your items. However, if your shadow box will be permanently in its location, then you can get a box without the specialized backing.

Shadow Box Furniture

For those really special pieces, a simple frame or shadow box might not cut it. Instead what you might want is a piece of furniture with a built in shadow box. There are many coffee tables, side tables and similar items that have a shallow drawer or compartment covered by a glass insert allowing a shadow box effect for displaying your prized possessions. When buying a piece of furniture there is a bit more to take into consideration. First you will want to ensure that the page you are wanting to display will fit. Most manufacturers will list the interior dimensions, but if you are not sure, steer clear, as you would not want to have to trim down your page just to get it to fit. Second, as with the other options you will want to choose a styling that will coordinate with your other furnishings. Third, you will want to make sure that you have space for the piece of furniture. Do not buy a piece of furniture without knowing where it will fit in your floor plan. Doing this may cause the piece to be pushed into a corner or placed in the way of traffic flow. And fourth, but still very important, make sure that the piece of furniture would not be a gathering place for items on top of it. It would be a shame to get something to display your page, only to have the piece covered by books, bags, keys, etc.

Get Creative – Out of the Box Thinking

Don’t like the ideas listed above, maybe they are too predictable for you. Well here is your chance to think outside of the box. Be creative. Find an interesting item that would fit your pages, then make some simple medications to keep your page safe. Perhaps you found an apple crate on your trip to Washington State and you want your memories to stand out. Simply line the crate with acid free paper or other liner and affix a glass or Plexiglas cover to keep the page dust free (affix a hinge rather than glue the Plexiglas down to allow access to your page).


No matter how you store or display your page the most important thing is protection. Ensure that the items are stored in an acid free location protected from sunlight. If you intend to place the item on display in a sunny room, you should use a UV protectant covering (glass, Plexiglas, plastic, etc.). Be creative. Have fun. And be proud of your handmade art piece!