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Pulling Double Duty

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When talking furniture with multiple purposes, most people think of the extreme Murphy-bed style furniture which completely conforms from one object into another in order to be productive with the space that it consumes; however, you would be surprised how making conscious decisions about items that we would have bought anyways could double our space by providing more than one purpose in our living spaces.

In order to make conscious purchases you must first fully know what your space will be used for. Will the family room only be used by the house members to watch TV, or will it have multiple purposes as a game room, informal entertaining, study, etc.? The best way to determine the full extent of a room’s purpose is to pay attention to who uses it for what for a week or two. Jot down notes when you see someone doing something that is not the original and main purpose of the room, like reading in the dining room, playing on the computer in their bedroom, playing chess in the den, etc. The same can be done for outdoor spaces. Also take note of things that you would like to be able to do in a room that currently isn’t set up for that activity, or if you see someone using a space for something that you feel would be better suited in a different room if there were accommodations.

Once you know how your rooms will be used it is time to figure out furniture pieces and storage solutions that can serve double duty in the space.

First think about the items that would make each task or activity enjoyable and accessible in the space. So go back to your list of activities and write what each activity would need; i.e. playing chess would need a small table and 2 chairs, reading a book would need a comfortable chair and a task lamp, a gaming area would need a place to store all the games, a table to play them on and comfortable seats, outside a gardening area would need storage, a planting table, etc.

Once you know all the pieces needed, see if any of them are duplicative (chairs, tables, etc.) and determine how many you need. Then from there find ways to creatively make double use of items, storage inside other pieces of furniture, whole room lamps with affixed task lighting, chairs that are easily moved from one area or purpose to another, wall shelving to pull items off the floor for more square footage, etc.

Have fun and be creative when finding solutions, just always keep in mind that the end goal is to love your space, so make sure that what you find is something you will also love looking at, making the room more enjoyable for everyone.

Here are some great solutions that pull double duty:

Coffee Tables with Storage:

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Gaming Tables:

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Video Gaming Storage:

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Seating with Storage:

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Bedroom Solutions:

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Hide-Away Office Solutions:

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Outdoor Solutions:

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Other Interesting Solutions:

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**In no means is this a review or endorsement of above mentioned products, they are merely suggestions of potential solutions. It is always best to do research in regards to the quality and standards of products, reading through reviews of others who have purchased the items as well as fully understanding the products limitations and warrantee information.


The above mentioned items can be found at the following websites respectively (as websites are outside sources, I apologize if any link becomes inactive in the future):


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