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The Smell of Cookies

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Have you ever wondered why realtors, designers and home stagers suggest baking cookies for your open house?

There are a lot of tips and tricks for making your open house guests feel more at home and therefore more likely to want to purchase your home, and baking something sweet is definitely one of them.

The purpose is twofold. Many would just believe that it is nice for guest to have something to munch on while browsing through your home; however, going to the store and buying cookies from the bakery just doesn’t have the same affect. This is because the second factor of baking cookies to create an inviting atmosphere is the smell.

Believe it or not, our sense of smell is actually located in the same portion of the brain that affects emotional memories and creativity. Studies have shown time and time again that smells can actually trigger long lost memories. Many people have joyful memories associated with food, as food is often the center of cheerful life events, such as holidays with the grandparents, birthday celebrations, etc. Baking cookies can actually trigger those happy memories and can create an emotional sense of calm, comfort and belonging, making your house feel like their home. And inevitably, making your house feel like their home is how you get it sold.

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